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Hope's Story

Hope and her boyfriend had gone to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test. Hope was not impressed with the quality of service they received there. She told her Advocate, “They weren’t personal at all, it was an awful experience!” Yet, abortion loomed as a strong possibility for this 17-year-old. She had not finished high school and had no job. She was also concerned about what people would think of her if she continued her pregnancy as well as if she had an abortion. She said she felt “scared”, and that, in her mind as well as in the mind of her boyfriend, abortion was the best solution. The image on the ultrasound revealed a 7-week-old. Hope’s boyfriend also saw the image. The Nurse encouraged them to take some time to consider their decision based upon the information and resources provided and invited them to return for a second ultrasound the following week. During that ultrasound Hope told her Advocate they had talked about their options, reviewed their resource list and further discussed what they should do. They changed their minds about abortion and signed up for the Baby & Me Program! Sometimes our patients just need a little time. The news can be like a hurricane, but having them come back the next week gives them time to slow down, think, and talk it out. That’s what this young couple did, and that time, that discussion, saved the life of their unborn.