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Kaylee's Story

Not everyone who walks through our doors is a single teenager. Kaylee shared custody of her two young children with her ex-husband. Her new husband, serving in the military, recently learned he’d be shipped overseas, and though Kaylee could go with him, she was in turmoil about leaving her kids. The possibility of being pregnant and having to fly overseas and make a new home overwhelmed her. She told her Advocate she was leaning toward abortion should she be pregnant. Kaylee had not informed her husband that she was visiting us for confirmation of her pregnancy, and though she felt he would want her to carry to term, the recent upheaval in her life caused her to consider abortion even though she told us, “It goes against my belief.” She left undecided as to the outcome of her pregnancy. We learned when Kaylee returned for a second ultrasound that she and her husband had celebrated Father’s Day with the news of her pregnancy. “He cried,” our young patient said. “I hope we see a heartbeat today.” Her hope was affirmed, and the Nurse gave her a due date of near Valentine’s Day 2014. Kaylee smiled and told her Advocate that she and her husband intend to parent. Kaylee’s mountain was leveled in one week’s time!