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Katy's Story

“I’m not ready to be a mom. I have a plan for my life and a baby just doesn’t fit.” Katy came to True Care with her mind made up - or so she thought. She had called the clinic in Fort Collins and scheduled an abortion for later in the week, but she kept seeing a True Care billboard that read: “Know for sure. Know your options.” She couldn’t get those sentences out of her head. Katy confided in a friend who convinced her to come to us first - before making the drive to Fort Collins. Despite her cold, confident exterior, deep down Katy was scared, confused and feeling very much alone. Her boyfriend threatened to leave if she didn’t go through with the abortion and her parents said the decision was up to her.

Katy ultimately chose to cancel her appointment for the abortion! She was horrified when she learned what abortion really is and the effect it could have on her physical and emotional health. The ultrasound image of her unborn brought tears to her eyes. And the chance to receive prenatal education and become connected to resources in the community - all at no cost to her - gave her hope.