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Mommy Stories

245 Unborn Lives were saved in 2014.


Erin's Story

“I’m kind of messed up right now.  If I am pregnant, I think having an abortion is best for me.”  Twenty-two year old Erin was scared and desperately searching for options. She had recently spent time in prison and her life . . . Read more >

Amanda's Story

Amanda discovered she was pregnant early in the fall of her junior year of high school.  Her father threatened to throw her out of the house if she didn’t have an abortion.  He had already taken the keys to her , , , Read more >

Katy's Story

“I’m not ready to be a mom.  I have a plan for my life and a baby just doesn’t fit.” Katy came to True Care with her mind made up - or so she thought.  She had called the clinic in Fort Collins and scheduled an abortion for . . . Read more >

Kaylee's Story

Not everyone who walks through our doors is a single teenager.  Kaylee shared custody of her two young children with her ex-husband. Her new husband, serving in the military, recently learned he’d be shipped overseas, . . . Read more >