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Pregnancy Centers Offer REAL Choice for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies
tags: abortion, pregnancy choices, abortion pill reversal, pro-life, pro-choice, Pregnancy Help News, California Board of Registered Nursing

In July, the California Board of Registered Nursing approved continuing education classes for nurses on abortion pill reversal. Last week, the organization had a reversal of its own – its previous decision. Abortion advocates, such as Planned Parenthood, who tout “choice” in their verbiage, don’t seem to be about choice at all. If they were, why dissuade a board of nursing from offering “choice” by instructing nurses on the procedures for abortion pill reversal? Pregnancy centers, like True Care, offer real choice, providing information and medical services a woman needs without making money from her decision. Read more about the facts of real choice, including abortion pill reversal, on this week's blog.


A Division in Faith as well as Politics
tags: abortion, Chrisitianity and abortion, faith, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-choice Christians, Willie Parker

Many people who claim to be Christians are proponents of abortion, or at least of being pro-choice. How does one meld faith in Christ and the Heavenly Father with the act of abortion? Read our blog post this week to see what we have learned about the subject and some Biblical principals we who trust in Christ should apply in every aspect of our lives, including the discussion of abortion with others.