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The Fruits of Our Labor

The thirty-five-year-old black-haired woman stepped into view. We hadn’t seen her in nearly nine years. A decade ago, “Kay” came into True Care Women’s Resource Center, pregnant, scared, and considering abortion.

Kay’s Story

She lived out-of-state and had been in town visiting friends and family. Learning our patient had experienced two previous abortions, the advocate provided her a copy of Her Choice to Heal. We learned much later that book and a Bible spoke to Kay’s heart and soul. She continued her pregnancy despite the unexpected death of the child’s father. Now, here she was, ten years later, after returning to town, falling in love again, and marrying, publicly expressing her desire to follow Jesus through baptism. Two True Care staff members witnessed this beautiful act, and, afterward, received hugs from this new daughter of God and her own precious daughter. Kay showed us the two books she still possessed, the ones that led her to choose life, both for her child and for herself in a relationship with Christ.       

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Rarely do we get to witness such a transformation, to experience a patient story come full circle. Yet, the seeds we plant, with a Gospel presentation, the gift of a book, the love and encouragement we shower, can and do take root. We may not know this side of Heaven how fully many of our patients bloom but imagine the overwhelming joy we’ll experience as we meet these people face-to-face once again.

As a friend of True Care, you play an important role in such transformations. You play a pivotal part in not just the services we offer, but in placing materials in the hands of the women we see, such as Bibles, Gospel pamphlets, pregnancy options brochures, and abortion healing books. Some of our supporters come in the form of volunteers: advocates for test and Baby & Me patients, follow-up specialists, and nurses, even behind-the-scenes folks who write messages of encouragement to a woman experiencing miscarriage or those who empty baby bottles filled with cash and checks.

The adage, “Bloom where you’re planted” applies to staff members, volunteers, prayer warriors, monthly donors, and event underwriters. Without each person and the talents and gifts God has given that individual, True Care would not be here. We would not have been there for Kay, who is now an active Christ-follower, nor would we have been there for Kristi, whose twin boys were saved from abortion last year. Kristi seriously considered abortion when she first came to our center, but upon seeing her twins on the ultrasound screen, she changed her mind. She went through our Baby & Me program, and even though the father of the boys left her, she found the courage to be a single mom and readily connected with her Advocate and our Program Director during her time of change and uncertainty.         

The Fruits of Our Labor

As we labor in this battle for life, we know not everyone will respond positively to our encouragement to empower them. Not all women who come to True Care want to hear the Gospel. Not all take advantage of the free programs we offer. Some even go on to abort their children. Sometimes the fruit of our labor appears shriveled and unproductive. But, then, one woman, just one, changes her mind, from being abortion-minded/determined to continuing her pregnancy, like Kay and Kristi. And, just as Jesus rejoiced at the one lost sheep returning to the fold, so we, too, rejoice when a woman chooses life for her baby ... and for herself.

Fruit grew from the planting in Kay’s heart ten years ago when she left True Care undecided about her pregnancy. Today, she has a beautiful nine-year-old daughter. Today, Kristi has her handsome twin sons. Because you continue to support True Care, you make beautiful stories like these possible.

Thank you for helping us be here for the women who need True Care. May we all continue to plant seeds of love, compassion, and encouragement wherever God plants us, trusting Him to bless the fruits of our labor.

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