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Pregnancy Centers Offer REAL Choice for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies

In July, the California Board of Registered Nursing approved continuing education classes for nurses on abortion pill reversal. Last week, the organization had a reversal of its own – its previous decision.  An article published last week on Pregnancy Help News notified readers and pro-life advocates of the Board’s decision to rescind approval for the classes.

The article says, in part, “The Board’s sudden reversal seems a direct effort to deny a woman access to her own choice during an unexpected pregnancy, Heartbeat International president Jor-El Godsey said Monday.” The article went on to quote Godsey: “’This is a naked political assault on a procedure that is the very essence of choice. To oppose Abortion Pill Reversal is not only to deny the science and reality that there are children living today because of it, but it’s to materially keep a woman from even so much as knowing she has the option to potentially stop a chemical abortion once it has begun. This is the abortion lobby taking choices away from women.’”

An article writer for agreed, noting, “Perhaps because it’s a procedure so celebrated by those in pro-life camps, the “pro-choice” side can’t seem to stomach it.”

Started by George Delgado, M.D., Abortion Pill Reversal is noted for having saved 300+ lives since 2009 with the use of progesterone. True Care nurses are trained in the procedure, and under the guidance of our medical director, Dr. Sam Scaling, they began offering this service the same month as the California Board of Registered Nursing first approved the continuing education courses on the procedure.

Were they coerced to change their minds? Quite possibly. Abortion advocates, such as Planned Parenthood, who tout “choice” in their verbiage, don’t seem to be about choice at all. If they were, why dissuade a board of nursing from offering “choice” by instructing nurses on the procedures for abortion pill reversal?

Dr. Delgado himself is quoted as saying, “To be an agent of hope to a woman desperately seeking a second chance is a blessing, indeed. The ‘second choice’ we offer women who change their minds after taking mifepristone not only gives their unborn babies a fighting chance, it also provides an avenue for emotional and spiritual healing on the mothers’ and sometimes the fathers’ part.”

‘Agent of hope,’ ‘second chance,’ ‘second choice’ – isn’t that what pregnancy centers are and offer to frightened, confused women? Especially those centers that are medical clinics … like True Care. We provide relevant, factual information on all three pregnancy options – her choices: parenting, adoption, abortion. We may not refer for abortion, and we don’t perform abortion, but we give a woman the information she needs to make her choice. We offer ultrasound prior to her making her pregnancy decision; abortion clinics provide ultrasound during the abortion appointment, not before the procedure. How can a woman make an informed decision if she’s not given the information on all of her options? How can she be informed if no one at the abortion clinic tells her about her pregnancy choices? How can she have choice if she’s only given one option: abortion?

Pregnancy centers are the agents of truth and hope, giving a woman real choice, real options…. and not financially benefitting from her choice. True Care’s services are free, including abortion pill reversal. The cost is high at an abortion facility, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and at times physically. Abortion pill reversal is another choice, another option, for women who have a chemical abortion but regret that decision. And, now abortion proponents want to take even that option away. Who really offers true choice? Hint: It’s not abortionists.

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