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"Fake Clinic" Campaign Reminds Us We're in a Battle

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." - Ephesians 6:10 & 11

During the last weeks of July, pro-abortion groups rallied like-minded people to protest, pose as fake clients, and leave negative online reviews, all endeavors to attack pregnancy centers across the country. Whereas the “expose fake clinic” campaign was organized and set to deluge pro-life pregnancy centers for nearly 10 days, little traction was gained.

True Care Women’s Resource Center in Casper wasn’t affected by this campaign, however, we learned that one Wyoming pregnancy center was contacted, questioned, and a review posted that, in essence, didn’t accomplish the mission of the pro-abortion effort. God certainly can, and does, turn things meant for evil into good!

Another such example is a center in Pennsylvania who experienced both fake clients and pro-abortion protestors. God intervened, bringing a young man whose girlfriend had received services at that particular center. The protestors were outside the center’s doors with their signs and their slanderous speeches. The man happened to be walking by with his young son, and he engaged the protestors, speaking to them about how wonderful the services at the center were and how much goodness came from NOT aborting his son. “I was scared bro, when I first came, I was scared, but he changed my life,” the father said about his boy. The exchange was caught on video; you can see a clip as well as read more about the attacks which the center experienced here:

The trend of labeling pregnancy centers as “fake clinics” has been a strategy of pro-abortion groups for quite some time. Being a medical facility with professionally trained nurses and overseen by a medical doctor helps combat such tactics. Dr. Sam Scaling is True Care’s Medical Director, and has been since our center became a medical facility nearly 12 years ago. Many centers around the country aren’t medical but do provide a variety of other important services, such as materials assistance and parenting programs. True Care does that as well, but our materials assistance is reserved for those women who choose to go through our parenting and resource programs. There are many opportunities for women to receive materials assistance from a wide variety of agencies and organizations in our community. Those patients who choose not to engage with our educational and resource programs are given information on the community organizations who can assist them.

While many of our sister centers are under siege, not only from “fake clinic” attacks but also via legislation requiring them to post certain verbiage regarding abortion referral, God has chosen thus far to protect True Care. Perhaps, though, one day our day will come. Therefore, fervent prayer is needed, not just for Casper’s pregnancy center, which has stood strong in this community for more than 30 years, but for pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation. We’re in a battle, and it’s a battle for life. Each day True Care staff gathers for prayer before opening our doors. Please join us not only in praying for the center and pregnancy centers everywhere, but also pray for the women whom we serve; they, too, are engaged in a battle, and the enemy wants to destroy them and their unborn.

As the director of a center in Tennessee said in another story on Pregnancy Help News, “These campaigns—or should I really say "attacks"—are really disheartening and can leave you a tad bit discouraged, fearful, and afraid. (But) In spite of opposition, God gives His leaders success and thwarts the plan of a relentless enemy!”

Jesus said “In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart – I have overcome the world!”

As we put on the armor of God each day, we ask that you join us in doing just that – putting on the armor to fight the battle for life!

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